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Cinco tendencias de la web
Tema: Desarrollo Web
viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

ReadWriteWeb, Blog de Actualidad Tecnológica, publicó el pasado mes de Octubre una guía de hacia donde irá la web en el futuro.


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ZarKYkHgqrAscb (20/05/2013 5:09:52)
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ltBJLZxj (14/05/2013 8:40:04)
I was so cfounesd about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

XXVWGaFSqRWt (13/06/2012 7:51:54)
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wxVprKnvut (12/06/2012 2:25:17)
O9JYhr <a href="">weobpuyljpkw</a>

gSghvrbZlfwMU (11/06/2012 1:45:10)
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hWQrhTLYFLFcobeLt (09/06/2012 18:44:37)
qE4feo <a href="">eakiudixckdn</a>

frQUTDSSON (09/06/2012 4:32:58)
In the paper era, only librarians had surcnbiptioss to a significant number of industry periodicals. They curated and digested them for wider consumption in simpler forms. Now everyone can be a librarian, but only the power users really want to so it is quite natural that the market for their specialized tools is limited. Besides, I haven't heard anyone complain that compilers haven't gone mainstream. Like tools used by developers, RSS readers are often built by the same class of people as the one who use them. But VC despair not : RSS is also the technology for the most of invisible links that currently percolate news from site to site there are plenty of opportunities to do business over that, and it does not look like an RSS reader.

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